Any pancake mix is just baking ingredients like flour, baking powder, baking soda etc. so the answer is a resounding yes! i typically use bisquick with a little milk.
Can You Make Dumplings With Pancake Mix
May 21, 2009 you can save and organize your favorite recipes into free online cookbooks. create . add butter and flour to make a roue, cook a minute or so. 3 mix together pancake mix and water, don't over mix as it should be thick. 6.

april 6

yes, you can make dumplings out of buttermilk pancake mix. all you need to do is cut the amount of milk required in half. the recipe to make dumplings calls for realize mutant.
Mar 24, 2009 if you need a soup to make you feel all warm and happy inside- this is it! :) . it looks like pancake mix, can i use any pancake mix for this?

You can make more than just pancakes with our pancake mixes! dumpling & muffin recipes (using buttermilk or old-fashioned buckwheat pancake mix).

Ravi's Yaan gets rolling

Cinematographers turning film-makers is nothing new as far as Kollywood is concerned. ....

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